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Terms and Conditions

The Quality Assurance Clauses stated below shall apply to all contractors, subcontractors and vendors of the material(s) and processing services furnished to Perfection Industrial Finishing’s Purchase Orders.   All material supplied or processed shall conform to the latest revision level of the applicable specification.

Clause 1- Quality Control Program.

This specification establishes requirements for Suppliers and their Sub-contractor’s inspection systems. These requirements pertain to the inspections and tests necessary to substantiate product conformance to drawings, specifications, contract requirements, inspections and test required by the Purchase Order. These requirements are in addition to the inspections and tests set forth in application specifications and other contractual documents. Supplier shall plan, implement, and control processes, appropriate to the organization and the product, for the prevention of counterfeit or suspect counterfeit parts/product. Suppliers will monitor/report counterfeit parts from external sources and quarantine suspect or detected counterfeit parts/products. Suppliers that provide critical product are required to provide product that has 80% shelf life remaining.  

Clause 2 – Onsite Access.

P&C Investments, dba Perfection Industrial Finishing, and Regulatory Authorities have the right of access to suppliers and sub-tier supplier facilities and reserve the right to conduct inspection and/or surveillance audits of the suppliers’ facilities, systems, procedures, products, and records. The supplier shall provide all necessary facilities, equipment, documentation and personnel required to perform any inspection at no additional cost to Perfection Industrial Finishing.

Clause 3 – Certificate of Conformance.

The Supplier shall provide and maintain an inspection system which will assure that all suppliers and services submitted to Perfection Industrial Finishing for acceptance conform to the purchase order requirements whether manufactured, processed, or procured from sub-contractors or sub tier suppliers, unless Perfection Industrial Finishing is notified about the condition of a nonconformity and Perfection Industrial Finishing provides authorization to proceed with shipment/presentation of the nonconforming supplies/services to Perfection Industrial Finishing. Evidence of the supplier’s inspection system and criteria shall be documented and approved by management. Perfection Industrial Finishing requires Certificates of Conformance or Certificates of Analysis for every critical product. Material certification shall be submitted with each shipment. The certification shall bear description of material, trade name, manufacturer’s name, specification number and specification revision (type, grade, etc.) manufacturer’s part number, batch and heat or lot number, if applicable.

Clause 4 – First Article Inspection.

The first article (piece) produced shall be submitted to Perfection Industrial Finishing’s quality approval prior to the production run.

Clause 5 – Source Inspection.

All items covered by this purchase order required to have inspection at the subcontractor’s (vendor’s) facility, by a Perfection Industrial Finishing Quality Representative prior to shipment. Call your buyer to arrange for inspection.

Clause 6. Chemical and Physical Test Report.

Chemical and physical test reports shall be submitted for each shipment and include the following: (1) Batch, heat or lot number, (2) the specification and revision the material was produced to. (Ferrous metals require specific values of composition. Certification to limiting range of composition is acceptable where mill reports are unavailable).

Clause 7. Special Processes

A representative material test sample for all special processes is required with completed parts.
Certification reports from the processor(s) identifiable to the materials delivered are required for each process or nondestructive test performed. Reports shall include the following:

  1. Processes performed: Method/Type
  2. Specification /drawing and revision level
  3. Purchase Order number
  4. Part Number
  5. Compliance to required criteria, including QPL products

Materials processed must be certified in accordance with the applicable specification. If supplier supplies MIL-spec chemicals or coatings, all products must be QPL approved. Suppliers shall flow down sufficient information to ensure sub tier vendors/processors are able to correctly process all parts. All plating must show baking times or durations, temperatures, and if materials were processed within the proper time period. Heat Treat certification must show final harness obtained.  NDT must certify acceptance criteria. Note NDT personnel shall be certified level II or above MIL-STD-410 or MIL-STD-271.

Clause 8. Material/Process Samples

All supplies shall be subjected to inspection after receipt, as necessary, to assure conformance to purchase order requirements. The supplier shall report to Perfection Industrial Finishing any nonconformance/counterfeit parts found on supplies and shall require sub-contractor and /or sub tier supplier provide a corrective action(s) or replacements, as necessary. The subcontractor shall maintain adequate records (for a minimum of seven (7) years, and/or return records to Perfection Industrial Finishing) of all inspections and tests.  Records shall indicate the nature and number of observations made, the number and type of deficiencies found, the quantities approved, rejected and the nature of corrective action taken, as appropriate. All applicable records shall be available for review.

Clause 9. Technical Data Sheets.   

All material suppliers that effect product quality, and provide critical product shall supply, with shipment, a current revision of the appropriate technical data sheet for product shipped (if applicable).

Clause 10. SDS/MSDS.

Safety data sheets must be supplied with all purchased goods (if applicable).

Clause 11. Supplier Awareness.

Supplier and sub-tier suppliers need to be aware of their contribution to product conformance, product safety, and ethical behavior. The person’s performing the work shall be competent, have any required qualifications and shall have ethical behavior while processing, validating the process and their ability to perform the process. Product safety pertains to the life of the product and that it can perform as specified or required.

Clause 12. Changes.

If supplier changes anything in product or process definition including changes of their external providers or location of manufacture, we must be notified in writing and approve any of these changes. Please review the document thoroughly and return this form to Perfection Industrial Finishing. (1155 East Palmdale Street, Tucson, AZ 85711) or (6677 W Frye RD Suite 28 Chandler, AZ 85226). By accepting our purchase order, you acknowledge not only having received this document, but that you understand and accept its contents and liabilities.

Suppliers must notify Perfection Industrial Finishing of any back orders and time lapses in delivery of product upon finishing of processing purchase order so we can inform our customers. No more than 24 hours shall pass on notification of back order or lapses in delivery.

Please feel free to contact Perfection Industrial Finishing if you have any questions concerning this form or our Terms and Conditions.
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Revision Date Author Description of Change
B 2.9.16 Scott Brown Refer to CPAR 16-24, control box added
C 3.23.16 Deb Hendzel Clause 10-12 added
D 8.30.17 Deb Hendzel ASo9100 Rev D update
E 9.25.17 Cedric Smith Updated Clause Verbiage
F 2.2.18 Deb Hendzel QPL product statement
G 8.27.18 Deb Hendzel Clause 11 Supplier Awareness
H 8.20.19 Vicki Robidou Clause 11 & 12 Verbiage
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J 9.16.20 Vicki Robidou Clause 1 changed verbiage of shelf life to 80% and added signature line at end of document for Acceptance of Terms
K 7.2.21 Robert Dupre Added to Clause 12. Supplier notification of back orders and time lapses in delivery.
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